Thursday, November 03, 2011

7 Years of Exits

Greetings from Altoona, PA where I am attending 2011's Illuxcon show.

Oh dear, we've just crossed the seven-year mark for Exit Within. My, my, how time flies.

So, a sort of State of the Blog address seems to be in order. Here are a few thoughts:

1.) I would say that readership this past year, in particular, has been higher than ever. For a long time I didn't care to let the world know this blog existed. These days, I've pushed it out there a bit more. Many of you come from posts on Facebook or Google Plus, for instance.

2.) I expect that no one should want to go back and read 7 years of blog posts. If there are 3 people on this planet who have read every single post (including myself), I'll be incredibly surprised.

3.) That said, there's a lot of stuff buried in seven years of blog posts. I mean, a certain percentage of what I've written has to have some legs, some shelf-life. It might not be a high percentage, but there's gotta be some. Starting this year, I'm going to make a regular series out of reprinting some old blog posts for the benefit of the many new visitors we've gotten this past year or so. Not often--not to worry, mostly it'll be fresh stuff still. I'm thinking once every other month or something. I will take the opportunity to update each post a little, as needed (and will append updates separately so those who have read the posts before can just read the update, if they like). Also, I will repair the annoying habit I had of never capitalizing anything those first few years. As it is, I've begun making amends on that awhile back--when I've linked back to an older post, I've tried to make sure the post was corrected. I might still dislike capitalization (namely, out of laziness), but I'm sure you disliked the fruits of that laziness more.

4.) I've made a habit of posting regular series of things. I hope they are somewhat interesting. Creating blog content while managing the rest of life does take effort, and I've never pretended I was up for more than once a week. I try to balance out wordy, thoughtful posts, with art-centered stuff. Somewhere along the way I also stopped posting more random things. I suppose I value your time and readership much more now that I'm seeking it out.

5.) I once again renew my promise to keep politics off this blog. I admit there have been momentary, resisted temptations, but I still maintain that you do not need a fantasy illustrator telling you what's what in the area of politics. I'm sure you get an overwhelming number of opinions from equally random persons, often without you asking. I will not add to the chorus. So you can continue to rest assured that you will be able to exit within this blog when the political avalanche is getting you down, and know that I'll provide some artwork escape or some hopefully stimulating conversation about the loftier realms of art.

However you found me, thank you for stopping by to visit, as often as you do. My efforts cannot demand your time or interest, and so I am greatly appreciative of both in a world with nearly infinite choices.

Onward to year 8!