Monday, August 01, 2011

Museum Studies, Pt.12

T-Rex 5.5x8" Ink and pastel on paper (purchase info)

I finally wandered into the dinosaur hall to draw. I think I mentioned before that it is always very crowded, being a favorite area for adults and kids alike. I made the mistake of going in the summer, too. It was a little warm and there were tons of families on vacation. I wouldn't have bothered if I hadn't found this little nook near the Archaeopteryx. I didn't actually draw at the museum last summer, and I definitely think summer is a bad time of year to do so, at least in the busier halls. You'll notice this sketch has some weird color marks on the top. When I set to draw this, I wanted to do it on gray paper. I bring a little bag with different colored pieces of paper to work on, so I can pick as whim strikes. This time, the only gray paper I had left had test markings on it from an older piece. I think they were even done in Acrylics for some reason. In any case, a little of them still remain. That's why this piece isn't exactly 6x8"....

Sioux Headdress 6x8" pastel on paper (purchase info)

Since beginning this series, I've slowly been accumulating new things to draw with, even if it's just a new pastel pencil color. I've been favoring Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel pencils lately, all the while working through backlog of conte pencils, which I don't prefer but are fine. For black, I prefer plain ol' charcoal, even if the conte is a bit blacker. In the end, my blackest blacks usually involve ink now, even with the rest being in pastels. This headdress (and I'm guessing it's Sioux, I didn't take notes that day--feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) was rendered in 5 colors plus the paper: white, gray, a light beige, a dark brown, and black. Makes for some nice effects, but the more tools I add, the longer the drawings take and the more involved I get! You can see this progression, going back through the series.

And with this, we arrive at the 12th monthly installment of this series. As with my Figure Drawing posts before it, since these are extra-curricular pursuits that involve me leaving my home to do, they are a little difficult to do. First off, they are outside of my work, which means it isn't time I'm paid for unless I can sell the art later. Secondly, there are periods where work is quite busy, and/or I'm traveling, and so I just can't get to it.

So I'm proud to hit the one year milestone, although truthfully it took about 18 months or so to do all the works posted in this series since, knowing the above-stated difficulties, I built up a few months' worth of posts ahead of starting, to pad my efforts. As well, not everything was posted, as there were a few clunkers. Bad choice of medium for the thing chosen for drawing, being tired of standing for a few hours, feeling rushed as the museum was about to close...there are numerous reasons for producing a bad piece, live on the spot.

I've stated before that this sort of work is important to me as an artist. It pushes me to consider things I hadn't before, gives me a venue for experimenting with media if I feel like doing so, and is at its most base level, training. Leveling-up. Whatever you want to call it.

But I think monthly installments of this are over for now. As with Figure Drawing, there will inevitably be times where I partake of it again, and I'll add to it as that happens, but my self-imposed 1st of the month deadline will for now end. Something more like quarterly might be best, schedule-wise. What's next then? Stay tuned.