Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Sketchbook Sale!

Update: This offer has ended!

Today is the 6th year anniversary of Exit Within. In light of that, a sale for my blog readers in particular, whether you come here direct or from links elsewhere.

Perhaps you don't have a copy of Dreaming in Black and White yet. That's possible. Not advisable, but possible! Well, whether you've been waiting a bit to pick it up, or forgot it existed, or maybe didn't know that I published a 64-page book full of drawings, consider yourself on notice! I mean, those can be the only rational reasons for not owning one. I suppose the $19.95+shipping retail price could be a barrier for a few--well, now you have no excuse either!!

<--Look at that! Inside, I crammed it full of art made in preparation for illustrations created for Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, the World of Warcraft CCG, and lots of other stuff from mostly ~2003-2007. Alternate versions, story illustrations, a self-portrait on the Introduction page...this book has all of that, and still more. It's also, for now, the only book collection of my work. I have dreams of someday issuing a color book, but that won't happen before I sell through the remaining stock of this. But you're not motivated by guilt, I can tell.

So, there's a special sale going on now through Dec.10, and it's only available through this blog, to thank you for visiting Exit Within. If you access the book from within my website, you'll get the retail price. Boo!

However, by using this super-secret link, you can access the sale page where I've knocked $5 off the price, and am offering it with free shipping--for a total of $10 off for US customers (or more for Int'l folk). The book will be shipped Media Mail (or Airmail for Int'l), so it may take a little longer to arrive, but you'll have saved $10+, and it's signed. And awesome.

Once you're recovered from the shock of processing this great deal, you may wonder what would happen if you also wanted to add prints or some white-backed artist proofs to your order--wouldn't that add shipping again? Normally it would, but yesterday I started a  not-so-secret sale adding Free Shipping to all prints and proofs. I've got you covered.

So, use the super-secret link and right a wrong. And if you want to share the super-secret link by posting it elsewhere, maybe using the links below, I can tell you confidently that I'll be looking the other way....

Whether you're new to this blog or are the one guy out there who has read every post for 6 years, thank you for helping Exit Within remain worthwhile far longer than I thought I might keep it up.