Monday, November 01, 2010

Museum Studies, Pt.3

(R) Chukchee Armor, 19c., 7.75x6" Pencil on paper(purchase info)

The Chukchee (or Chukchi) are a tundra-dwelling folk, who for centuries resisted the Russians' attempts to conquer them. I don't normally associate snow-dwelling tribes with war or armor, but the Chukchee armor on display at the AMNH was very interesting in its construction. The whole thing was interesting, but the helmet stood out to me, both as an interesting shape and as a clever design.

It's probably irrelevant to you, but these studies are not indicative of the order in which they were done, neither in most cases were the pieces shown together done the same day. Rather, I've tried to mix them up for variety. Also, since I created a decent backlog before starting to ensure I would actually be able to sustain the monthly-pace, don't be surprised to see 2010 pieces appearing well into '11.

As with the Society of Illustrators, where I did figure drawing, getting to the AMNH is about 45 minutes by subway. So going to the museum to draw inevitably takes up more than half a day. For this reason, I really wish the museum had later hours. It closes at 5:45pm every day. So if I'm going to get in 4 hours or so of drawing, I have to leave by 1pm. That means that museum days are things I fit in typically between assignments, or at the front-end, when I need reference and am not in 4th gear on a painting. Sometimes, I'll go on the weekend.

Komodo Dragon, 6x8" Pastel on paper (purchase info)