Friday, November 05, 2010

The Last Enemy Playmats


For years now, various companies have produced these soft playmats, which are used by players the world over to keep their cards from getting scratched up on tables. A wise move for those with expensive cards, in particular. Usually, these have been produced just completely plain, and so they have become a new form of canvas for us illustrators. At conventions and appearances, players often walk up with these and ask us to draw on them. I usually do (for a small fee). One of the most common things I'll draw is a reaper of some kind, hearkening back to my Dance of the Dead illustration from my first Magic set in 1994. So, it seemed appropriate that when there was an actual full-color playmat made of my work, that it feature a reaper on it. As it turns out, I painted such an image just a year or so ago, though not for this purpose. By making the image wider, I was able to get it to fit on a playmat, and so have done just that.

These were produced by, and look fantastic. I have a small stock of these which I can sell, and so I've made them available until they are gone. They'll come signed. I've added in a flat shipping price for them, so that if you happen to order any of the other goods offered in my other free shipping sales running currently, no additional shipping will be added.