Thursday, April 30, 2009

Figure Drawing, pt. 12

(Above) 6x8" brush pen, 10 minutes each

Back to the brush pen on this week. And a male model! One with good muscle definition, even. From the first week I took a brush pen to use, I've enjoyed getting to know the medium. The first uses of it back in Asheville were mainly in short poses, and in blocking in large shadow shapes. When I tried using it later for longer poses, the results just didn't work very well with my usual mode of drawing. Over time, I basically learned to work more quickly with it. As a result, I think the drawings this week were much improved over the last time I worked with it.

(L) 5.5 x 3" Brush pen, 10 minutes

At left, we have a drawing done primarily with one of the brush pens as it was dying. I figured I'd try using it to tone a drawing with the gray shades it was only providing. It took considerable pressure to get even a middle tone out, but it was a nice look.

The models, in retrospect, had a hands-on-head theme going on, with almost a third of the poses (including the short warm-ups) having one or both hands on one or both models on their heads. Very strange--it's not the most comfortable pose to hold to begin with.

7" x 10" Brush pen, 20 min. each