Thursday, November 08, 2007

Plein-air: Watauga Woods

Sometimes, after a long week or a few long weeks of work, there is nothing I want to do less on a day off than paint. This is understandable, right? I can neither eat pizza every meal of every day nor play videogames every waking hour either—every good thing has its limit. On days off, I stay far away from my pencils and paints.

With the cold approaching, there were going to be few opportunities left to do any plein-air work in comfort. So on one day off a few weeks ago, I bit the bullet and hauled my rig outside to paint again. Due to one part laziness and one part convenience, I only had to haul it about 15 feet outside as there was a nice little pond/fountain out back that I’d been wanting to paint. This made the decision to paint much easier to bear—packing it up and scouting out locations was just not going to happen.

It turned out to be a very pleasant early afternoon and I quite enjoyed working on this piece for about two hours. I even had a nice cup of warm coffee and held a cat under one arm as I worked for part of the time. Best of all, when I was done I could tear down and be back on my couch within about half hour. All in all I got to enjoy most of my day off, and still get a little painting done without feeling the pressure of a deadline forcing me to tread on ‘til the wee hours.

12x16" Oils on canvas