Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It struck me while discussing my running habit that artists are custom-made to be runners. I run with no iPod or other media distractions (neither are they allowed in most races anyway), and this makes the whole thing completely unthinkable to most people. Yet artists are alone with their thoughts (pensées) all day long, everyday, often in solitude not so different from a run. While I do listen to stuff while painting, it's not unusual for something to finish and me not notice, I just continue on quietly for awhile.

Since last mentioning it, I have reread the first 4 books of King's Dark Tower series and finally got to reading a new entry, finishing "Wolves of the Calla" last week. Though not the only books I've read in that time, they are the only fiction. I probably won't begin the next (even longer) book for a few months.

Somewhat related: after a way-too-long hiatus, Michael Whelan has relaunched his website. It's a little prettier than the old, and has a whole lot of his personal work, which I mostly love. Sadly there wasn't much I hadn't seen--I'd been going to his online gallery Tree's Place and getting my fix there for some time. I'm guessing this new site goes strong for a year or so then dies the long death of artist inattention again.

After discovering Andrew Bird on a Late Night With Conan O'Brien rerun about a month ago I have listened to little else. I have a habit of burning out new albums by listening to them over and over and..., burning them into my head until I finally absorb them completely or am distracted by something better/newer. Having picked up "Armchair Apocrypha" and the wonderfully titled "the Mysterious Production of Eggs," I find myself once again years behind the hipper music scenesters who no doubt were following this guy long before Marriot's Residence Inn found him, basically right about when I did. Actually, even they beat me, I just didn't know who it was. My indie cred expired a decade ago.

My schedule for all of recent memory: paint/draw/work ~10:00-4pm go for a run, shower, eat dinner and rest for a bit (or keep painting with maybe a half hour nap on off days). Work again 7pm-anywhere from midnight to 2am. It varies depending on my runs, but 9-12 hours a day total has been typical. 6 days a week, though often life doesn't allow the 6th day's evening painting session. Trust me, I'm not bragging here.

Have a sketch while you're here, as reward for reading the randomness:

This piece saw many changes by the time it was finalized and approved.