Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Haz Cat pt.2

With cat owners, once is never enough, is it? No, they are always on about their cats. Well, dog-lovers have the same tendencies, I suppose.

I mentioned his little window-pad last time I think

These doodles popped up at random times, usually while doing computer work. I'd occasionally sneak a peek to my right, see if he was in any pose I thought he might stay in for a couple minutes, then slowly and oh-so-quietly I'd pull out my life drawing pad and uncap my brush marker. It didn't occur to me in this next one that I had basically sketched the same pose a week or so earlier:

These sketches are 2-3" wide

There are as many false starts as there are completed sketches. Sometimes I'd start, get a head done or something and then he'd completely roll over, walk away, commence grooming or do any of up to 3 more actions. Rather than try to fake the rest I'd just curse at him then get back to work. This unfinished one actually holds its own reasonably well as a vignette, however:

Analyzing what I did, I had begun defining his torso shape without outlining it at all, simply through the zig-zag shading I was doing, whose lines reflected his body bent into a donut. The tail at this point is a single stroke which may or may not have been filled out later.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day, everyone. Or Tofurkey Day, or whatever you do. For my non-American readers, have a fantastic Thursday!