Friday, October 26, 2007

Star Treatment

Thanks to a nice guy named Rob who I met in Roanoke recently, I was made aware of Nov.2007 Previews--Diamond Comics Distributors' giant catalog for comics and games stores. During the summer, my sketchbook Dreaming in Black and White was picked up by the fabulous bookseller Bud Plant and was sold at San Diego Comic Con prominently placed among a select few books chosen as "Bud's Picks" for the show. I was thrilled at this as I had no idea it was going to be done.

My book's listing in Previews also got the deluxe treatment. Again, I had no idea. I've been flattered and proud to see my sketchbook get a little recognition by people who deal in books of this sort on a daily basis. Demand that your local game or comic shop stock it!

Sorry, Peter Max
There is a lot of cheesecake on that page too, I definitely would've guessed something of that sort would make a spotlight due to its natural marketability. Be assured, parents, that my book is child-safe! Well, as long as your child is ok with an occasional frightening beastie or skeleton!