Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lorwyn: A Tale of Four Cities in Two Parts

Back in San Jose, still staying with family, I finished the painting for Consuming Bonfire, which went fairly smoothly. I also did concepting and drawings for the last 2 Lorwyn pieces and had them approved. Then we moved again.

Surge of Thoughtweft, Pencil, 8x10”

Wait, did I say 2 more Lorwyn pieces? But I only have 3 illustrations in Lorwyn!

Landing in Asheville NC, I finished up work I was also doing on the Shadowdale RPG and got to work on completing the Lorwyn assignment. These two were the most successful of the set as they were subject matter more up my alley. My favorite of the set, I was dismayed to learn, was not included in Lorwyn. This sometimes happens, and it was not a fault of the art (I checked to be sure). I’m hopeful it’ll turn it up in the follow-up set, Morningtide. Sometimes the game designers are able to find a place for orphaned art, sometimes not. As it stands, the fourth piece, which I had pre-written this blog to include, will remain a mystery awhile longer….

Surge of Thoughtweft, Oils, 11x14"

So, a project in four cities, a first for me:

Fire-Belly Changeling drawing: Frigiliana, Spain
Consuming Bonfire digisketch: Frigiliana, Spain
Fire-Belly Changeling painting: Austin, TX
Consuming Bonfire drawing: Austin, TX
Consuming Bonfire painting: Austin & San Jose, CA
Surge of Thoughtweft drawing: San Jose, CA
Mystery drawing: San Jose, CA
Surge of Thoughtweft painting: Asheville, NC
Mystery painting: Asheville, NC