Friday, September 14, 2007

Figure Drawing, pt.7

After reviewing my drawings from the prior 2 sessions, which I combined into one post last time, I figured that my ink drawings really hadn’t loosened up enough. So this week I aimed at loosening it up even more, committing to faster strokes.

The 20 minute attempt was a bit improved as a result as well:

After a couple of those I decided to do a small 20-minute portrait, simply because the pose was uninteresting from my angle and I refuse to move, and because I hadn’t really done one yet. Also, the model had a striking profile, something you can’t always say.

Lastly, another conte pencil reclining pose. It just ends up being the case that there are only so many types of poses you can get, although angles, lighting and body types can vary almost infinitely. You get standing, sitting, laying. Here’s the reclining pose for the week.

In the next installment of this series: A MAN. When I was told that we’d have a male model for a particular session I made a point of showing up. Who knew when another might appear!