Sunday, July 08, 2007


Music and painting always seem related in my mind. I often make music analogies to painting and vice versa, and it’s often the soundtrack to my life or at least to certain pieces.

In 1995, Smashing PumpkinsMellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness was the main soundtrack to my life. I turned 21 around its release and it was the sound of a band with something to prove at a time when I felt like a young artist with something to prove. When I traveled to Seattle with my then-girlfriend/now-wife on my 21st birthday, in part to be interviewed for Duelist Magazine, Mellon Collie posters were all over cd shops and the like. I saw them three times on the year-plus long tour that saw the band implode by its end.

I followed them over the subsequent years, but not with the same fervor I had up until that time (the prior album, Siamese Dream was likewise a huge part of my art school days). I didn’t see them again…until last week. In the intervening years I started and ended my own band, got married, started Daydream Graphics, burned out and practically ditched illustration for a couple years, worked a year for a small videogame company, got my (art) groove back, painted a ton of illustrations and moved to three countries. Which is to say, lots of time has passed. The sorta-but-not-really-reformed group decided to land in Asheville, NC for 2 weeks and played a series of shows at an under-1000 person tiny club, for cheap. What luck, as I was nearby!

My ears were ringing for 3 days after the first show I went to on the 27th, but it was worth the small amount of permanent damage. The past couple years have had me in small villages and without a car that made seeing concerts practically impossible, and I am always up for a good show.

Video clip I shot on the 5th (16mb)
It was a nice treat to head back on the 5th for a second show. Once again, they managed to reduce my brain to soup. Given the pre-convention season headaches (far greater than most years as I am on the eve of getting my first book out) it was much needed catharsis. I went to be rocked out of my shoes, and they did not fail to deliver. The shows also reinvigorated me to attack my daytime hydra of projects and preparations the last couple of weeks, the same as they did back in the day.