Saturday, July 14, 2007

Figure Drawing, pt.5

I suppose I didn’t want the front page of my blog to be filled with tons of nude drawings, for the blog to become primarily a figure drawing blog, so I’ve gone on about other things for the sake of variety. But figure drawing sessions have continued and I’m a little backlogged, although I haven’t gone for a few weeks due to being completely slammed with life, the same schedule crunch that has made blog updates irregular lately—convention season. I’m missing the figure drawing, though. So while these drawings are new to you, they were done May 5th!

Working with the brush pen has been a great experience. The immediacy, the commitment involved is frightening and exciting and it really focuses your mind before putting marks down.

However, the previous session’s pencil drawings really got me in the mood for some more of them, too. So for the longer 20-minute poses I went back to them.

The last pose of the evening was 40 minutes, something I wish we had more of. I can almost always take up whatever time is granted, but 40 minutes seems to me the ideal length for a quick study. I always find I’m rushing at 20, and often having to plan which parts I won’t finish.