Friday, June 08, 2007

Don't Try This at Home

Hey all,

So there used to exist a long post outlining my method of baking oil paintings to dry them. It proved to be pretty popular, enough so that I figured the change of some litigious fool coming around and finding it, doing harm to themselves despite the warnings that were there, were starting to increase.

All I'll say is I have baked my paintings regularly. I can't recommend anyone else do it. Maybe it'll work or maybe it'll burn your house down.

I will leave up this link to the addendum post, with examples of some bad things that have happened over the years.

Sad, isn't it, that we live in a time where this should matter and one should worry about passing on knowledge without being able to trust that each person is responsible for themselves and what they do with knowledge? Nevertheless, that's where we are.

Good luck and happy painting, every one. Stay safe.

As thanks for visiting, have a tomato.

"Green Heirloom Tomato" 8.5x5.5" Oil and acrylic on heavy watercolor paper, 2014
Available for $200