Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Figure Drawing, pt.3

Week 3 followed a week off due to a convention I had to prepare for in Mexico. I dug up a Tombo brush-pen I picked up somewhere. I used it to practice writing my Kana in my Japanese lessons. I was nervous about trying to incorporate it into my life drawing, which meant it was an imperative that I do so. Remember what I was saying about chickening out of difficult things? Here I was, about to.

3.5x7.5” 5min. brush pen

The reason I was afraid was because pen-and-ink is a medium I rarely ever use. For illustration I haven’t had need for it and it’s not a medium I happen to enjoy using much at this point. But for life drawing it becomes difficult because it is very unforgiving. With conte or pencil you can start lightly if you’re a bit unsure and then commit later. With pen and ink you put a stroke down and you’re committed. This means that you cannot experiment, you must be confident about what you’re putting down. I figured I’d start by using the pen for the 5-minute studies. My goal was to posterize the figure, since there isn’t enough time in 5 minutes to make these confident statements of line and get into hatchwork for shading. So, anything approximately 60% black I “clamp” to black, the rest I clamp to white, creating a highly graphic image. It was more fun than I thought it would be, but a bit stressful.

4.5x4.5” 5 min. brush pen

Once that was through I went back to the usual for the 20 min. poses.

9.25x7.25” 20min. conte pencil

On this last drawing, the model was holding a rope that is set up over the modeling platform. It was a great pose, but over the course of the 20 minutes her body began to pivot since she was letting her weight hang. By the time the drawing was done it was a very different pose.

6.75x12.5” 20min. conte pencil