Wednesday, August 24, 2005

everywhere i travel, tiny life

i am so over flying. i don't know if i quite qualify for the "jet set" as i am not a holder of any magic pass that gives me early-boarding access. for those that do so qualify, i salute them. they deserve it. unless of course those platinum / titanium / strontium memberships can simply be had for cash. obviously, i have never bothered to check.

while i recover from my gencon flights, and prepare a more substantive entry, i'll provide for you another helpful travel tip:

when flying, you will often receive a plastic-sealed roll of bread and a single-serving pat of butter. the problem, of course, is that cold butter is nearly impossible to spread. spreading it on cold bread is all the worse. you will also receive a warm entree, often foil-sealed. so, while you start in on your salad, cut your roll in half and place it under your entree, face up. you can also place it on top, face down. however, there needs to be room for you to put your pat of butter on it as well. the foil serves as a hot-plate to warm them up. be sure to keep the fold of the butter package up or you will have a mess on your hands. also, your food is hotter than you think, so don't leave the butter on too long. by the time your salad is done, voila, warm bread and butter.

there ya go. don't say you never got anything for free.

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