Wednesday, August 03, 2005

con season

what kept me from blogging earlier threatens to do the same soon. convention season is in full-swing, and for those of us who make our living in these strange fields--encompassing comics, cartoons, film, and the like--conventions are where we go to connect with fans and clients.

i'm a little late to talk much about san diego comic con, which happened in july. others have told the tale far better than i could. comic con is special because of the number of folk who dress up to attend. you'll see your usual anime cosplayers, but the meat of the matter lies in folk who dress up as movie or comic characters. often it's silly but in good fun, other times it works quite well. a certain gal dressed as slave leia managed to attract quite a lot of attention this year.

then there was this fella. i can say nothing more than the picture itself can adequately express:

one of the cooler parts of this year's comic con was meeting, albeit briefly, a fellow i went to college with and hadn't seen since i ditched school permanently. rhode montijo was a pretty talented dude back then and i had him in a few classes. over the years i've kept an eye on a few folk whom i remembered via my bookmark folder. rhode has become a standout simply because he was chiefly responsible for the excellent happy tree friends, which if you have never seen, and like cartoon violence, is right up your alley. i was pleasantly surprised to find out he was behind it because i enjoyed it before knowing he was behind it. a buddy of mine even bought a shirt, so i was seeing rhode's stuff the whole time. but his other projects are pretty rocking also, especially his comic. last two years i stopped by the happy tree friends booth trying to say hello, but since he's a big-time celebrity these days he'd only be there like one hour a day to sign autographs and gather up roses thrown at him by adoring fans, so i'd never managed it. so we ran into each other in a line. crazy. so, i'll keep this blog entry shorter--go check out rhode's stuff.