Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Living in Elysium

Before moving out to Italy, it was noted that the area of Tuscany where we were going was used in the filming of Gladiator, specifically the portion of "Spain" where Maximus once had a home, and the visions of Elysium he sees when he dies, his murdered wife and child waiting for him.

We watched the film again recently. something seemed familiar about this scene:

Look again at the photo from my recent plein air jaunt:

Indeed, I was standing about 10 yards ahead of where Maximus' wife was (Ridley Scott's long-time partner). Re-watching the scene with commentary it was learned that this scene was filmed on the last day of shooting, and that that is Crowe's double, not the actor himself. Oh well. Still, I thought that was kinda cool. Tuscany is, well, pretty large so the coincidence was interesting.

I have some internet access at home again (I've been surfing, checking email and blogging from an expensive net-point til now) thanks to this great software for my Treo 600. This means I'll start the random blog-linkage within posts again. Yay.